Shipping to the United States of America (USA)

The shipping costs to the United States of America (USA) are at 39.00 euros. The time for delivery within the United States of America(USA) is usually 5-14 days from receipt of order and simultaneous payment. Your package will be sent by insured and is searchable at any time via a tracking code. Please understand that we have no influence on the supply or delivery times.

Important Information: All shipments to the United States of America (USA) are handled by DHL. The cost of return shipping (returns) from abroad (United States of America (USA)) are to be borne by consumers themselves and this infomation is open to buying in the Conditions of Use are available. The delivery charges to the
United States of America (USA) are not negotiable! If a package is not available (wrong address, no home, no collection in the package store), then we reserve the right to charge the shipping cost anyway because a service was provided by the service and must pay these expenses.


The same costs are incurred for a shipment to Australia or Canada.